Fire prevention in the air

Extreme temperatures challenge commercial engine maker to find better solution to gearbox safety.


“Just-right” solution delivers for IC manufacturer

Custom-designed actuator improves performance and lowers costs.


Innovative approach replaces piston with bellows

Industry’s first maintenance-free accumulator greatly improves mission-readiness for U.S. Air Force.


Toxic gases demand utmost care in handling

Senior team delivers solution to support the safety of gas handling in semiconductor plant.


Business jet customer needs speed, price, and reliability

New aircraft design calls for maintenance-free accumulators that deliver lowest lifecycle cost.


High precision/low cost sampling pump

Consumable blood analysis device achieves microliter precision while meeting size/cost goals.


No pre-existing solution for >650° temperatures

Senior creates a new benchmark in high-temperature valves for gas turbines.


Synchronized Pneumatic Actuation

Senior’s innovators deliver on an “impossible” spec for wafer handling.


Helping innovators address EHA demands

New flight control system meets strict guidelines for maintenance-free reservoir.

Oil & Gas

Deep-sea conditions exceeded old seals’ capabilities

Senior’s engineers put off-shore project back on schedule, averting potential losses in the millions.


Maintaining alignment under tough conditions

A difficult manufacturing challenge calls for innovation, speed, and experience.


Pushing the boundaries of engines

Helping to develop the next generation of long-life, ultra-reliable aircraft.

Oil & Gas

Turbine seal in high-temp, high-vibration application

When compromise cannot be tolerated, the Senior team gives you the power.


Critical tolerances, Bio- and chemo-compatibility

Implantable drug-delivery pump draws on Senior’s most mission-critical skillsets.


Extended service life from one year to ten

High-performance thermal actuator for aircraft engine manufacturer changes everything.

Industries We Serve

In critical applications from implanted medical devices to missile defense systems—from the ocean floor to the far reaches of space—we deliver for a vast array of industries.

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We develop new products (and reimagine conventional ones) to help advance your technology and exceed your mission-critical requirements. Senior Metal Bellows offers robust, reliable, and repeatable technology with a wide range of design capabilities.

Bellows & Seal Assemblies

We design and manufacture a variety of bellows dynamic seals, ideal for high temperature applications where elastomeric seals break down.

Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

Our hermetically sealed bellows compressors and vacuum pumps use our unique welded metal bellows technology for pumping liquids and gases.

Thermal Valves & Actuators

Unlike conventional devices, Senior’s thermal actuators and thermal valves use our welded metal bellows technology—which eliminates the need for elastomeric membranes.

Hermetic Actuators

Our PRIME MOVER™ actuator is a unique linear actuator that provides superior reliability and maintenance-free performance.

Maintenance-Free Accumulators & Reservoirs

Our HIPRES® high-pressure maintenance-free accumulators are ideal for energy storage or pulsation damping applications for hydraulic, fuel, cooling or other fluid system applications.

Motion Feedthroughs

Our welded metal bellows firewall feedthroughs seal penetrations while allowing for axial and rotary motion.


Our flexible shaft coupling products satisfy a wide variety of applications where precise positioning and control of machine components is required.

High Pressure Switch

Senior has developed a zero leakage high pressure switch. The device can be designed to actuate at any pressure from 5 to 5,000 psi and can withstand an overpressure of 25,000 psi.

Standard Products

These products are suitable for use in extreme environments where zero leakage, zero contamination, high reliability, and long life are required.

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