We're up to the challenge

Pushing the performance boundaries of today’s advanced circuits means manufacturing products under harsher conditions than ever before. Extremes in temperature and sensitivity—in vacuum-sealed, ultra-clean hermetic environments put increased demands on your production line for new levels of reliability, zero-leakage, and contaminant-free performance. All while lowering costs and speeding production time. It’s a near-impossible challenge, but one that our team can help you conquer.


We develop new products (and reimagine conventional ones) for semiconductor manufacturing processes, including assemblies and components for precision actuation. Our PRIME MOVER actuator was the first to combine actuation and sealing into a single integrated device. We design for extremes of temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments—especially when high lifecycle, zero leakage, maintenance-free operation, and high performance are essential. Our process is fast and efficient, with full in-house resources, including: 3D solid modeling (rapid proof-of-concept), finite-element structural analysis, flow simulation and sizing—along with all required qualification and documentation to meet global manufacturing standards.

Fabrication & Testing

We bring our innovative designs to life in an advanced manufacturing facility where state-of-the-industry processes are executed under the highest standards. Seasoned technicians supervise advanced fabrication in:

  • Metal joining & forming with vacuum furnaces, and hydraulic presses to 1200-ton strength
  • Precision welding including methods such as TIG, laser, and electron-beam
  • Metal finish & metallurgy, with two automated cleaning lines featuring advanced cleaning, passivation and etching capabilities
  • Functional testing, including extreme environmental chambers, spring, tensile, and acceptance testing. Performance validation for all parameters.


Synchronized Pneumatic Actuation

Our customer was looking to improve the performance of their wafer handling system. Their historical approach involved the use of an air cylinder and a welded metal bellows to seal the penetration into the vacuum chamber.

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Toxic gases demand utmost care in handling

Moving highly toxic gasses from bulk storage to the point-of-use is a perennial challenge for many semiconductor manufacturers. Unfortunately, most conventional pumps rely on seals that are subject to wear—potentially risking harmful leakage and human exposure.

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Maintaining alignment under tough conditions

Unfortunately, tolerance stacks across the system would regularly force the pedestal off-center and out-of-alignment with the shower head resulting in quality issues and necessitating manual re-adjustments to the assembly.

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