Deep-sea conditions exceeded old seals’ capabilities

Oil & GasPressureSealing

Senior’s engineers put off-shore project back on schedule, averting potential losses in the millions.

The Challenge

As our customer’s rigs ventured further off shore, their equipment experienced significantly higher differential pressures. One of the critical components, gas lift valves, were facing differential pressures in the 10,000 psig range. As a result, the bellows seals were regularly failing—holding up progress on the entire project.

Beyond the time losses, the cost to remove and replace one of these seals could run into million dollars.

The Solution

The Senior Metal Bellows team designed and manufactured an entirely new, patented, bellows seal design that completely mitigated the effects of the high pressure.  The new high-pressure bellows-based gas lift seal allows for trouble-free operation at the greater depths and provides much greater assurances for project managers and operations professionals alike.

The Results

Operation up to 15,000 psig differential pressure, cycle life exceeding 100,000 operations, versatile seal for gas lift or chemical injection, high reliability mitigates risk of expensive maintenance in challenging conditions.