Maintaining alignment under tough conditions


A difficult manufacturing challenge calls for innovation, speed, and experience.

The Challenge

Our customer was using a mechanical elevator to lift a pedestal under a shower head—in a vacuum—for deposition processes. Unfortunately, tolerance stacks across the system would regularly force the pedestal off-center and out-of-alignment with the showerhead resulting in quality issues and necessitating manual re-adjustments to the assembly.

The Solution

After analyzing the situation and requirements, our design team set to work re-thinking the approach to the mechanical elevator. Our innovative solution involved a unique dual-bellows design, informed by decades of experience navigating precision tolerances within extreme conditions.  The new component achieved superior adjustability (x-axis, y-axis, and tilt) under vacuum and exceeded the customer’s specs for useful life of the assembly.

The Results

Complete mechanical system (including precision linear slide and servo motor), certified for 3,000,000-cycle life, built-in travel limiters for trouble-free alignment, concept to working prototype in under 90 days.