Turbine seal in high-temp, high-vibration application

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When compromise cannot be tolerated, the Senior team gives you the power.

The Challenge

Traditional elastomer-based seals could not be used by our customer, a large manufacturer of gas turbines, due to their inability to withstand the high temperature environment. The customer was looking to develop a dynamic seal for air movement between turbine compressor stages for their land-based power generators. Significant vibration challenges added to the complexity of the specification.

The Solution

Senior Metal Bellows designed an all-metal flexible bellows seal that allowed for the transfer of air between compressor stages while accommodating the relative axial and lateral motion—and vibration challenges—between stages. By eliminating the need for elastomers, an important potential point of failure was eliminated from the mission-critical generator design.

The Solution

Zero-leakage design, ability to withstand temperature extremes, flexible coupling options accommodate movement and vibration.