“Just-right” solution delivers for IC manufacturer


Custom-designed actuator improves performance and lowers costs.

The Challenge

An existing pneumatic actuator, designed for much higher loads than our customer, a major producer of semiconductors, required was repurposed for a new application. As a result, the stroke delivered by the part was not smooth under lower-force conditions. In addition, the high-capacity actuator—a sub-optimal solution—was proportionately costly.

The environment and processing chemistries in this new application presented additional challenges for materials, assembly, and operation/useful life.

The Solution

The Senior team designed an entirely new actuator, calibrated specifically for the loads being processed by our customer. The new component fit perfectly into the existing production line, and—because it was built to handle a lighter load—we were able to significantly reduce their cost.

The Results

Highly reliable part made-to-order (> 1,000,000 cycles), consistent operation across temperature extremes, smooth actuation, and 25% cost reduction.