Maintenance-Free Accumulators & Reservoirs


Our HIPRES® high-pressure maintenance-free accumulators are ideal for energy storage or pulsation damping applications for hydraulic, fuel, cooling or other fluid system applications. These metal bellows units are suitable for use on commercial and military aircraft, weapons systems, combat vehicles as well as many other platforms.


The all-welded metal construction of our reservoirs eliminates leakage associated with traditional piston or bladder devices. Our reservoirs provide maintenance-free service, high reliability, and long life. These units are ideally suited for, and have a long pedigree on, commercial and military aircraft, ground vehicles and weapons systems.

Design Fabrication Cost of Ownership

The Senior Advantage

  • Experience – Decades of proven service
  • Speed – Custom designs fast and right
  • Efficiency – Eliminate extraneous components (e.g. charging lines, valves, gauges, etc.)

The Senior Advantage

  • All-welded construction to highest quality standards
  • All metal (no elastomeric seals) / Choice of materials
  • Absolute zero leakage
  • No recharging required/Indefinite storage life
  • Withstands extreme temperatures/environments

The Senior Advantage

  • We “engineer-in” ultimate reliability & extreme performance
  • Zero maintenance
  • Extended lifecycles

Product Resources

HIPRES Data Sheet Reservoir Tanks Volume Compensator Design Data Sheet


Business jet customer needs speed, price, and reliability

Our customer, an agile and prestigious business jet manufacturer, was developing a new aircraft for a premium market segment. They were seeking a suite of lightweight hydraulic accumulators that would provide the lowest total life cycle cost possible.

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