A trusted Name in Nuclear Rated Applications

From nuclear power plants, new generation SMR’s and microreactors to medical isotope facilities, Senior Metal Bellows provides critical components to keep our customers up and running. Our Metal Bellows vacuum pumps and compressors are industry-recognized to provide 24/7 radiation monitoring, ambient air sampling, and gas handling over the last 60+ years and can be configured in a double containment arrangement for a redundant hermetic seal. Welded metal bellows provide flexible, dynamic seals and piping assemblies capable of operating in extreme environments, with a lateral offset, while providing zero leakage operation and high cycle life. Senior Metal Bellows provides custom designs to meet your specific requirements so together we can achieve energy independence and reduce carbon emissions.


Familiarity with the most stringent specifications and design codes, we develop new products (and reimagine conventional ones) for cutting-edge technology that propels our technology partners forward. We design for extreme temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments – especially when high lifecycle, zero leakage, maintenance-free operation, and high performance are essential. Our process is fast and efficient, with full in-house resources, including 3D solid modeling (rapid proof-of-concept), finite-element structural analysis, flow simulation and sizing – along with all required qualifications and documentation to meet global manufacturing standards.

Fabrication & Testing

We bring our innovative designs to life in an advanced manufacturing facility where state-of-the-industry processes are executed under the highest standards. Seasoned technicians supervise advanced fabrication in:

  • Metal joining & forming with vacuum furnaces, and hydraulic presses to 1200-ton strength
  • Precision welding including methods such as TIG, laser, and electron-beam
  • Metal finish & metallurgy, with two automated cleaning lines
    featuring advanced cleaning, passivation and etching capabilities
  • Functional testing, including extreme environmental chambers, spring, tensile, and acceptance testing. Performance validation for all parameters.
Senior Metal Bellow’s extensive range of product offerings designed exclusively for Nuclear applications.

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High-Pressure, High-Flow Metal Bellows Vacuum Pumps for Hydrogen Isotope Handling

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