Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

Our bellows compressors and bellows vacuum pumps use our unique welded metal bellows technology as the pumping chamber. This allows for features and performance parameters that are impossible to achieve with conventional vacuum pumps and compressors. These products are suitable for use in extreme environments where zero leakage, zero contamination, high reliability, and long life are required. We achieve superior performance with non-wearing wetted surfaces fabricated from corrosion-resistant stainless steels. These are effectively hermetic compressors or hermetic vacuum pumps.

Typical Applications

  • Ambient air analysis
  • Medical instrument gas sampling
  • Nuclear containment radiation monitoring
  • Radioactive gas processing
  • Ground-based or airborne high-voltage electronics cooling & waveguide pressurization
  • High temperature engine exhaust analysis
  • Toxic or costly gas processing
  • Contamination-free samples for research and laboratory experiments
  • Potable water system compressor or vacuum waste system pump in aircraft

Standard Design Pumps/Compressors

Standard and custom-designed pumps are available with options for high-pressure (<100 psig), low-flow, all-metal valve, VCR® ports, along with various motors, including three-phase, DC, variable-speed, explosion-proof and radiation-resistant options.

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Design Fabrication Cost-of-Ownership

The Senior Advantage

  • Experience – Decades of proven service in many industries
  • Speed – Aircraft/standard models and custom designs
  • Reliable – Hermetically sealed / Contamination-free
  • Flexible – Design options/upgrades (DC motors, explosion-proof, radiation-resistant, low-flow, hi-pressure, etc.)

The Senior Advantage

  • All-welded construction to highest quality standards
  • Provide “infinite” cycle life (stresses below a material’s limits)
  • Absolute zero leakage

The Senior Advantage

  • We “engineer-in” ultimate reliability
  • Zero maintenance
  • Extended lifecycles

Product Resources

Standard Pumps and Compressors Brochure Pump-Compressor Design Data Sheet


High precision/low cost sampling pump

Our customer—a large medical equipment manufacturer—required a new design for a precision metering pump for blood analysis sampling. The component was to be used in a disposable cartridge, so relative cost was an issue.

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Toxic gases demand utmost care in handling

Moving highly toxic gasses from bulk storage to the point-of-use is a perennial challenge for many semiconductor manufacturers. Unfortunately, most conventional pumps rely on seals that are subject to wear—potentially risking harmful leakage and human exposure.

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