Bellows & Seal Assemblies

Custom Welded Metal Bellows and Bellows Assemblies

We also provide custom designs for more complex bellows and assemblies designed to meet required cycle life—from dozens to millions or even infinite. Construction materials include: stainless steels, high nickel alloys, titanium or others to meet the operational and environmental conditions of your application.

Dynamic Bellows Seals, and Seal Assemblies

We design and manufacture a variety of bellows dynamic seals, ideal for high temperature applications where elastomeric seals break down. Our seals can be circular, square, rectangular, oval—or whatever shape fits your application. Common materials of construction include stainless steel or high nickel alloys. Typical applications include engine nacelle seals, firewall seal, fuel drain seal, and engine duct seals.

Design Fabrication Cost-of-Ownership

The Senior Advantage

  • Experience – Decades of proven service
  • Speed – Custom designs fast and right
  • Efficiency – Eliminate extraneous components (e.g. replace secondary seals, etc.)
  • Reliability – Accurate and repeatable load at length

The Senior Advantage

  • All-welded construction to highest quality standards
  • All metal (no elastomeric seals) / Choice of materials
  • Absolute zero leakage
  • Withstands extreme temperatures/environments

The Senior Advantage

  • We “engineer-in” ultimate reliability & extreme performance
  • Zero maintenance
  • Extended lifecycles

Product Resources

Bellows Design Data Sheet


Maintaining alignment under tough conditions

Unfortunately, tolerance stacks across the system would regularly force the pedestal off-center and out-of-alignment with the shower head resulting in quality issues and necessitating manual re-adjustments to the assembly.

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Critical tolerances, Bio- and chemo-compatibility

Extreme demands for reliability, precision, and absolute seal were matched by the already strict regulatory requirements for biocompatibility and compatibility with the drugs the new system was dispensing within the body.

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Toxic gases demand utmost care in handling

Moving highly toxic gasses from bulk storage to the point-of-use is a perennial challenge for many semiconductor manufacturers. Unfortunately, most conventional pumps rely on seals that are subject to wear—potentially risking harmful leakage and human exposure.

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