Standard Products


Bellows are designed to meet the required cycle life, which may be just a few cycles, 1 million cycles or infinite life. Materials of construction may include: stainless steel, Inconel, Haynes, titanium or others and are chosen to meet the operational and environmental conditions for the application.

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Compressors & Pumps

These products are suitable for use in extreme environments where zero leakage, zero contamination, high reliability, and long life are required. We are able to achieve this superior performance with non-wearing wetted surfaces fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steels.

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Flexible shaft coupling products from Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows provide our customers with solutions to meet their design needs for a wide variety of applications where precise positioning and control of machine components are required. We offer a broad line of standard designs with a variety of configurations to match your size and torque requirements.

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