Design Innovation

Engine manufacturers—pursuing ever greater fuel efficiency—now need to accommodate much higher operating temperatures and deliver new levels of reliability. Along with airframers, they are under constant pressure to extend cycle life, reduce maintenance, and lower overall costs of critical parts and assemblies. For innovative customers in aerospace, we welcome the chance to design and build components that meet and exceed the most extreme specifications. If it hasn’t been done yet—or hasn’t yet been done right—we’re here to help you tackle the challenge.


We develop new products (and reimagine conventional ones) for aerospace components such as thermal valves, accumulators, high temperature seals, feedthroughs, and more. We design for extremes of temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments—especially when high lifecycle, zero leakage, maintenance-free and high performance is essential. Our process is fast and efficient, with full in-house resources, including: 3D solid modeling (rapid proof-of-concept), finite-element structural analysis, flow simulation and sizing—along with all required qualification and documentation. We hold FAA, PMA, EASA, and other global certifications.

Fabrication & Testing

We bring our innovative designs to life in an advanced manufacturing facility where state-of-the-industry processes are executed under the highest standards. Seasoned technicians supervise advanced fabrication in:

  • Metal joining & forming with vacuum furnaces, and hydraulic presses to 1200-ton strength
  • Precision welding including methods such as TIG, laser, and electron-beam
  • Metal finish & metallurgy, with two automated cleaning lines
    featuring advanced cleaning, passivation and etching capabilities
  • Functional testing, including extreme environmental chambers, spring rate, tensile, and acceptance testing. Performance validation for all parameters.
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Thermal Management Solutions for eVTOL Industry


Helping innovators address EHA demands

A tier-1 flight controls company was designing an innovative system for a new large commercial aircraft and required a hydraulic reservoir. EHA guidelines require that these reservoirs be 100% maintenance free.

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Pushing the boundaries of engines

Our customer, a large commercial airframer, challenged themselves to produce a next-generation aircraft concept that would deliver significantly lower total life cycle costs—including dramatically reduced-maintenance requirements.

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No pre-existing solution for >650° temperatures

Our customer—a large gas turbine manufacturer—required an automatic thermal valve that would actuate at temperatures exceeding 650°F. At the time, no existing thermal actuator technology could meet this specification.

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