No pre-existing solution for >650° temperatures


Senior creates a new benchmark in high-temperature valves for gas turbines.

The Challenge

Our customer—a large gas turbine manufacturer—required an automatic thermal valve that would actuate at temperatures exceeding 650°F.

At the time, no existing thermal actuator technology could meet this specification.

The Solution

The Senior team developed a groundbreaking all-metal design for the customer using welded metal bellows technology to encapsulate the expansion media. Unfortunately, at these temperatures, traditional expansion media also failed—so our team set out to develop a new expansion media as well that could accommodate the required actuation temperature range and exhibit stability at high temperatures.

The new high-temperature thermal valve was an entirely mechanical component, operating automatically, without the need for electronics or controls.

The Results

Capable of operating at high temperatures (up to ~750°F), automatic operation without the need for electronics/controls, new “tune-able” expansion media options based on desired temperature actuation.