Motion Feedthroughs

Firewall Feedthroughs

Our welded metal bellows firewall feedthroughs seal penetrations while allowing for axial motion. All-metal construction allows for operation in extreme temperature environments where conventional feedthroughs fail.

The welded metal bellows provides a hermetic, dynamic seal allowing for a zero-leakage penetration through an engine firewall. It is suitable for extreme operating temperatures (800+°F Operating, 2000°F Fire Test) and is corrosion-resistant. The bellows allows for long stroke.

Rotary Feedthroughs

Using a bellows design to provide a hermetic seal, the rotary feedthrough provides for rotary motion through a pressure boundary with zero leakage.  Our designs are suitable for use with gasses, liquids or vapor.

The bellows construction provides leak tightness to 1 × 10-9 std cc/sec He.  With no elastomers, the all-welded metal construction allows for operation at -40°F to 300°F.  The rotary feedthrough is virtually friction-free, providing smooth and clean operation

Design Fabrication Cost-of-Ownership

The Senior Advantage

  • Reliable – Hermetically sealed / Withstand extreme temps
  • Zero-leakage – All-metal/welded design = hermetic seal
  • Friction-free operation
  • Suitable for use with gasses/liquids/vapor

The Senior Advantage

  • All-welded construction to highest quality standards
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (800+°F Operating, 2000°F Fire Test)
  • Extended cycle life

The Senior Advantage

  • We “engineer-in” ultimate reliability
  • Zero maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant