About Us


At Senior Metal Bellows, we’ve built a 65+ year legacy of solving the toughest challenges in demanding industries, creating precision components that function under the harshest conditions. Our customers represent the top innovators in defense, aerospace, oil & gas, medicine and semiconductor manufacturing.

Our Company

Performance-driven organizations turn to the Senior Metal Bellows team of engineers, designers and fabricators—as passionate and committed colleagues—in order to push the boundaries of their disciplines. We have helped them accomplish their objectives from the deepest parts of the ocean floor to the far reaches of outer space.

Confidence & Reliability

As part of the Senior family of companies, we offer you the confidence and reliability of a global organization with significant resources and demonstrated stability.

We are proud to have played a part in some of the historic scientific, medical, and military breakthroughs of the 20th Century, and look forward to serving you, as you pursue tomorrow’s “impossible” goals. We hope you will consider us a ready and proven resource.

Our People

Senior Metal Bellows is home to some of the most creative problem solvers across the world’s most demanding industries. Our team of engineers and fabrication technicians have built careers in extending the performance, reliability, and reach of critical components for innovative customers.

We have demonstrated excellence in creating new products and solutions that face extremes of temperature, pressure, leakage risk, and reliability demands. We accomplish these objectives within a culture of strong collegial support, mutual respect and uncompromising standards.

We have been fortunate to count some of the brightest minds in engineering and materials science among our ranks over the past 60 years, and we continue to welcome brilliant new talent onto our team.

Defying The Impossible

The Senior Metal Bellows teams thrive on new challenges. On developing new solutions to persistent problems. On perfecting the maintenance-free operation of mission-critical components.

And we look forward to putting our passion and experience to work for you.