Innovation that goes beyond


Minimizing lengthy installation delays for mission-critical aircraft component.

The Challenge

Our customer, a top-tier defense contractor, was developing a new aircraft, which required a duct with a flexible connection. The incumbent design used a non-metal flexible seal which suffered significant performance degradations under high operating temperatures and required frequent replacement. To make matters worse, installing this legacy part often took technicians an entire working shift.

The Solution

The Senior team not only developed an all-metal, high-temperature duct solution, but we offered to assume responsibility for the entire bellows/duct assembly, which provided significant quality assurances, eliminated the need for a burn-in cycle for each new aircraft and further reduced installation time.

The Results

Ability to operate at temperature extremes, high reliability and long life, reduced installation time to <5 hours, eliminated costly / time-consuming burn-in cycles.


High precision/low cost sampling pump

Our customer—a large medical equipment manufacturer—required a new design for a precision metering pump for blood analysis sampling. The component was to be used in a disposable cartridge, so relative cost was an issue.

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