Fire Prevention in the Air with Edge-Welded Metal Bellows Solution

Highest Standards of Safety and Performance

Aircraft engine manufacturers must meet the highest standards of safety and performance in the industry, which demands reliable solutions for fire safety valves that can operate within extreme temperature ranges and remain leak-tight. Senior Metal Bellows, a leading manufacturer of high-quality expansion joints, faced this challenge when an aircraft engine maker approached them for a custom solution.

The manufacturer required a fire safety valve that could drain hydraulic fluid from the gearbox if the temperature rose to the flashpoint, but existing commercial options were unavailable. The valve needed to withstand extreme temperature ranges of -65°F to 450°F and ensure fail-safe operation. Senior Metal Bellows designed a custom-engineered solution that exceeded the manufacturer’s specifications.

The metal bellows technology used in the solution involves the use of a flexible metal bellows that acts as a spring, expanding and contracting in response to changes in temperature or pressure. The expansion media is a flexible material designed to provide a leak-tight seal and ensure the valve operates within the extreme temperature range.

The metal bellows solution’s success can be attributed to its all-mechanical design, which eliminated the need for electronics or controls, ensuring fail-safe operation. Additionally, the high-quality, reliable sealing ability of the metal bellows and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures made it an ideal solution for the manufacturer’s need for a fire safety relief valve.

Senior Metal Bellows’ custom-engineered solution provided the aerospace engine manufacturer with a reliable valve that could withstand extreme temperature ranges and ensure fail-safe operation. The all-mechanical design added an extra level of security, eliminating the need for electronics or controls and ensuring long-term safety and reliability. The valve’s low or high cycle life was also customizable, depending on the application need.

The metal bellows solution provided by Senior Metal Bellows exceeded the manufacturer’s spec for temperature extremes of -65°F to +450°F. The valve was designed to last the life of the aircraft, providing long-term safety and reliability. The implementation of the metal bellows solution provided the aerospace engine manufacturer with peace of mind, knowing that their gearbox was protected against potential fires, even in the harshest of environments.

Senior Metal Bellows’ expertise in providing custom-engineered solutions for even the most challenging applications is highlighted by the success of this project. The company’s innovative use of metal bellows technology in combination with reliable expansion media has enabled them to deliver high-quality, safe, and reliable solutions for the aerospace industry.

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